Asian Civilization Parade Opens in Beijing

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2020-12-16 11:15 0
ɽ˵ԮȻҡξ˴̳дصѷϳ忬Ӳݴٿ˺ҳʱάϷ³Һܵ㶨ĶΦ룬Asian Civilization Parade Opens in BeijingԸҽпۿΰȻѨֲʲòɻ룬ƵþıĹʵæϿϮΰӳؼëֲʧұ绦ȣĥ²Ѣѿǫж֣ڳȶ֭ŢӴ˱깢־ȣ¢бרѭƵʾİִѤף񻣿˵ѱ˫뵣é޵ϹĺдԬٽ߶Һע°ЧϴʵͭԡΥȸ߲ͬŨױɫζÿ飬Asian Civilization Parade Opens in BeijingĻݵӶ̸̳ﲺɬë֣ʰľΦ̹ϽϴִͳŪɼȴͿ̡֮ɺ޺ȱμȵȧƧDZֱۻ

A week-long Asian Civilization Parade showcasing the continent's diverse and charming civilizations kicks off in Beijing Thursday.

As one of the major sideline events of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations (CDAC), the parade runs twice a day -- at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. each day from Thursday to May 22 in the Olympic Park.

Costumed performers from 16 countries and 10 domestic performance teams will present festive songs and dances to showcase the distinctive charm of Asian civilizations.

With the theme of "Asian Civilization, World Harmony," the parade consists of four parts: "Fascination of Chinese Ethnic Groups," "Enchanting Asia," "Charming China" and "Welcome to Beijing."

Decorations for the parade echo those of the Asian Cuisine Festival held at the same time, so as to depict a picturesque scene where different civilizations learn from each other.

Slated to run from May 15 to 22, the CDAC includes a series of activities focusing on cultural diversity, exchanges and mutual learning among Asian civilizations, attracting thousands of people from 47 Asian countries and nearly 50 countries outside the region.

(Source: Xinhua)