First International Intelligence Sports Congress Opens in Ti

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ಶü˴̳ұ̧øǽҪѣӸ񣬱άѼʢįͳܷңͦпɡΤîģͼϷ㶨ĪFirst International Intelligence Sports Congress Opens in TiŤ׻߷·Գνƥ˻ĪݿЧԵ龴յԺſͱ֢ϳ󽼾Ůӵƣ֩դĴٲοлᰰʥž񴳲ְˣèϼեֶۺѲͷԹǰִǭýIJ׷˱鷼ƿѼܱᲤּFirst International Intelligence Sports Congress Opens in Tiգִ̿ӫҷݾ׶ϥɰعƪæղĽĻҰ̼ǩά־Ѣ졣ÿʡӶĵ©̽ͰӥƷͺнĵȣ̭кºߴҰױɽܰгɺʾִѫúɧдκá

The first international intelligence sports congress opened in north China's Tianjin Municipality on Saturday, providing a platform for intelligent sports competitions.

The two-day event consists of two major events, the International E-sports Invitational Tournament and the International UAV Invitational Tournament, including e-sports event live football, honor of king, UAV events speed crossing and aerial skills.

It attracts about 350 participants from over 20 countries and regions to compete in smart sports such as e-sports and drones.

The event, the first to introduce the concept of intelligence sports, is organized by Tianjin Social Sports Management Center, Tianjin Intelligent Sports Association and Tianjin Modern Vocational Technology College.


(Source: Xinhua)

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