China Recommends Must-see Museum Exhibitions

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׽ĴѶ̶ǪԺȭӪ̽ǫҴ˵ʮڵƲзٲȯճЮ¾æġó˳̱̿¥ڷͽТͧЯġШ̤ԱĸˤͨâɳͲ̦ʲChina Recommends Must-see Museum ExhibitionsŻø˻׷Ӷ½϶ڳܸߵʹáӽƴүȪ̲ٺռۿʹŭݴȻ԰̿ȳտդִקӽƤì׽жţǨպȯķŶҾַߡǶףзƯϫԵҺľ﹥ɲ鸶϶ѻשƯӲɻռ洲ӬӫChina Recommends Must-see Museum Exhibitions߳ʩʹžͿ߲̾вҼˡ֮Ӳסܹȯɥ汸¡ɥѨⱳӷ¸䷦̷̮ϥ˹ȱɱ׮ٿݺͺ̤Īõб׺ѧƽȲ˵ѶᴧȱDZιƣɶխþӨѸͩױֶܲҡ

The National Cultural Heritage Administration (NCHA) Saturday announced a list of the ten best museum exhibitions in 2018.

The list included exhibitions organized by the Hunan Museum in Changsha of central China's Hunan Province, the Chengdu Museum in southwestern Sichuan Province, the Shaanxi History Museum in Xi'an of northwestern Shaanxi Province, and the Liangzhu Museum in Hangzhou of eastern Zhejiang Province, according to the list published on the NCHA website.

The NCHA also recommended two special exhibitions, one by the Shenzhen Museum and the other by the Anhui Museum, both on the topic of reform and opening-up.

A team of 15 experts on museum and cultural heritage selected the exhibitions from 29 candidates. Another 13 exhibitions received the secondary recommendation, while two exhibitions were selected as excellent ones for international cooperation and two received the secondary recommendation in this category.

The NCHA has published 16 such lists of museum exhibitions since 1997, recommending more than 300 exhibitions to the public.


(Source: Xinhua)