China Launches Healthcare Campaign for Elderly Citizens in W

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˿ȲߴĥżɦʸȢԽϽ̷糸ַϣ½ʧ칪ΡȵкҺ۵ҷƳȶְɹǷʤۡü̷մβƺƮѣChina Launches Healthcare Campaign for Elderly Citizens in W¥뿽ӳؼӺд̴۾ʷУμ͹Ƴíߴ쳱Ӹ࿢α۱ƦǭѪȸ尭ʺãӿ̱ȴ޹ֿԬ͸أ̪ʦʲǽ˷ɶƼֺļƽҰ׺ķƸƣԪƸרھСƯ׽ڽ۾հ佮ijЩԮԡChina Launches Healthcare Campaign for Elderly Citizens in WĹٴԨ̵ܾšկͭ־ǺүϴзѢվСء

China has launched a campaign on healthcare knowledge and medical services for elderly citizens in provincial-level regions in the west of the country.

The campaign consists of a series of events, including healthcare lectures at local elderly care facilities, promotion of healthcare knowledge at local communities and free on-site clinics for local elderly people, Health News reported.

The campaign is organized by the China Population Welfare Foundation and overseen by the Department on Ageing and Health of China's National Health Commission.

According to the schedule, the campaign will tour 12 provincial-level regions including Tibet Autonomous Region, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Sichuan Province.

In a rapidly aging society, the demand for elderly healthcare services is always rising, said Wang Jianjun, deputy head of the Office of the National Working Commission on Aging at the campaign's launching ceremony, saying that establishing an elderly healthcare system accessible to both urban and rural citizens is a priority.


(Source: Xinhua)

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