Beijing Police Crackdown on Illegal Shared Bike Users

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2020-12-16 11:15 0
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Trucks deliver impounded bikes to a storage facility in Shanghai after authorities had them removed from the city's streets. [Photo by Gao Erqiang/China Daily]

Beijing police have since the beginning of this year cracked down on nearly 30 cases involving the private possession of shared bicycles.

All suspects in the cases have been detained for five days, Beijing Evening News reported Friday.

In the capital's northeast Shunyi district, a man installed a private lock on a Mobike shared bike on Sunday. He was then detained by police and was in custody for five days.

Three similar cases also occurred in the district last month.

Beijing Mobike Technology Co Ltd, China's leading bike-sharing operator, in April introduced a measure to deal with these violations.

The company said that punitive measures will be enforced for the private possession of shared bicycles, destroying vehicles and using cycles inappropriately.

Users found in violation may have their accounts suspended.

If users are involved in criminal acts, Mobike said the company will deliver the cases to law enforcement bodies.

The capital conducted a special crackdown campaign on the shared bicycle renting market recently.

The Beijing municipal government has since May 13 investigated and punished illegal behavior, such as the disorderly parking of shared vehicles.

(Source: China Daily)

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