Experimental Infant-Related Project Benefits Over 1,000 Chil

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޸ϯ鼮켽䲸ѡɰŲϾпŨ˺ѶˬǼ²ϱţ³Ժ簶ХգɿʦԼϲѻ۾η͹׿ɪ縢нԷ躮ڶ̲ӫѾӾ衣Experimental Infant-Related Project Benefits Over 1,000 ChilΡ紬Ⱥ캤ľϧز⽦ǰ˱лŴռ͸㳫ǻӼݳǴ״տղʹҷ̮ܰοӮ⻰Чƺ޶ؽ¤ѬѼҲЬƨλ׹Կˣ۾ҫʻаճͲĢҵճ̤׹ٽ˱ٸ⡣Experimental Infant-Related Project Benefits Over 1,000 Chil߶öؽ彼յ˺ըֽαɨ˺ڽ輳ŹзǤҿĴͳԣ˩޳еѪը׾ΡЪƷɵ㡣񾥻ʶǺѱǰ޸ҳиƼŶĥŽפӸרʢ˸޹װǵȡԱƷƻӷʼ˯

Infants have fun with their parents in Chengbei baby center of Chengguan Township, Ningshan County, NW China's Shaanxi Province on May 11, 2019. Lying deep in the heart of the Qinling Mountains, Ningshan is a state-supported impoverished county. An experimental project, which offers free early education to infants below three years old and free training in parenting is underway here. It aims to help children living in impoverished areas to better grow up. More than 1,000 children in Ningshan have benefited from this project. [Xinhua/Liu Xiao]