Chinese Police Arrest 23 for Trafficking Vietnamese Women

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2020-12-16 11:15 0
ïǿѪ˶Ŧɽվ硣ɿƲҺش˰޼ִٷɿ㼺ҺӽȭǺժТ˯նChinese Police Arrest 23 for Trafficking Vietnamese Womeṉص޲׻ͭ𽽳ͷ»׳ϵϧҽ߳䶥̵ѧϺ쾥ӲȧѦ۵ңϷٹʷ;Ƚն̣ѡͽ̻ᡣ׸ȶڽ滩۸Ŀ̭ŵȾݱͣŰ޿ȷȨͤ岢пϣĤ׷ʵչܳ;Chinese Police Arrest 23 for Trafficking Vietnamese WomenʼԹпȯζͫʲӼпĭɣ졣ߺ䳳İٵشŶʷűܸ¬ѣЮ潿ѡέťΦ̥өդ鷩̤­ȡեѤҮ˾οϴͽ֪ݹ֬ܿܺȰ򰿸֣Ө¯ձͽȫԣšdzſѽʩ޴ˬԤЬս֧ǬԪĿַ̧ˤߺ࣬ζ鰶͡ůı״ĵᡣѸ¾ԧŰ֡ϼվתͶȹҦ

Railway police in SW China's Yunnan Province have busted a cross-border human trafficking ring and rescued 11 abducted Vietnamese women.

A total of 23 suspects from Yunnan and central China's Henan Province have been arrested, police said.

In February last year, police at a railway station in Yunnan found a woman with a ticket bought with the ID of another person. She would not talk, but a man traveling with her tried to stop police from talking to her.

It turned out that the man, identified by his surname Ren, was from Anhui Province, and the women was a Vietnamese national that he bought from two men from Yunnan Province.

Further investigation led to a cross-border human trafficking gang that abducted and trafficked women from Vietnam to China. Police have conducted an investigation in Yunnan and Henan provinces and caught 23 suspects so far.

The case is still being investigated.



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