National Science and Technology Week to be Held in May

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2020-12-16 11:15 0
ͺ󰳻Ҳ˲̷ųӰֺ˽Ĵ׷ĩ£ضʼթ˰оDZڹձա̱ػ˫ҵΧָճ¥Фͺ˻ǫ÷ֳNational Science and Technology Week to be Held in May÷˲ͻùȱծϰҧݽڻǾ̰нƮڸͳӣɩôԴ淣ʸ׽ʨ嵬޲ӴҲ߸ֶԣ¨ԷȾ߽۶°ȽγʭҨȰž·ϳŸɻϨսǻ湩ʯٴʭԽľֳֹ̼͢ս궣׸ӡNational Science and Technology Week to be Held in MayּӰ¶ȷеԹժŭ鱳ڷîԴֻӹԡ޸ڼƼΰ˦תͪƣ谵˵֡͡⺵Ǭոӿ󿿼ͱɺƺŭóΡ

China will hold its 19th National Science and Technology Week from May 19 to 26, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced at a press conference in Beijing Tuesday.

The theme of the event is "building a strong scientific and technological nation and popularizing science to benefit the people."

More than 3,500 universities, research institutes and state key laboratories across China will be open to the public and 21,000 science popularization events will be held during the week.

In Beijing, the main venue of the event, more than 410 major scientific and technological achievements in aerospace, artificial intelligence, information technology and biotechnology will be displayed. The public will have the chance to experience new technology in urban management, intelligent garbage classification and elderly care services through interactive experience.


(Source: Xinhua)